What clients have to say...

"Becoming Us"

"Elly Taylor is a genius!"
Tom - Franklin

"My husband and I were nervous first-time parents. "Becoming Us" reassured us that we had the skills necessary to take on parenting twins!

The course focused on our relationship and highlighted our strengths as well as ways we could become a better team.

We were given gentle advice and good thinking points that helped us prepare for our new adventure.

Heather - Providence

From parents of newborns...

"Paulette was with us after our second child's birth until he was three months. We cannot say enough good things about her. She was wonderful with the baby; caring, experienced, loving, thoughtful - and with us. She helped us countless times in thinking through how to help him (and us!) sleep better, and made the first months of his life infinitely more manageable. 

She left us with a happy, easy, night time baby and I know she deserves much of the credit! Paulette was also incredibly good with us. She’s extremely relaxed and easy to be around, and we woke up to find the laundry folded, fruit cut up, dishwasher emptied, etc. My husband still says he misses the "nighttime elves"!
Emily - Providence

"Paulette made our transition into parenthood an easy one.  Lack of sleep and fatigue is the greatest challenge. Having Paulette a few nights a week to help with our newborn son truly made us feel more rested and confident in our parenting abilities.

First, she is competent, professional and reliable.  Paulette was always easy to reach, and was flexible with our schedule and upfront and honest about her availability.

Second, Paulette has this special way where she slipped seamlessly into our lives and our home without disruption.  She made herself at home, but did not push boundaries. 

Third, and importantly, Paulette has a special way with babies.  At least that is our experience with our son, and the experience of another family we know who also hired Paulette. Her calming presence was felt by our son and put him at ease.  She was easily able to soothe and help him sleep.

Fourth, Paulette was an invaluable resource to us.  She taught us her “tricks,” gave us great parenting and baby advice, watched us interact and offered feedback that was always supportive, and reassured us of our methods and choices. We also  observed her and learned from her methods.

As Paulette is a lactation counselor, it was invaluable having Paulette as a resource and support for breastfeeding.  My husband and I strongly recommend Paulette’s overnight postpartum services."  Megan & T.J. -Providence  

In a word, Paulette exuded confidence when we interviewed her. We absolutely made the right choice in hiring her to help out at night after my c-section with our second child. She had asked me my goal in working with her (sleep!) and she maintained a commitment to ensure that it happened. She went above and beyond, often staying later in the morning so that I could get a little more rest before the day began.
In general she was punctual, tidy and always upbeat. She offered advice when asked (often sending articles to follow-up) and followed my lead otherwise. We feel very fortunate to have had Paulette at this time in our lives and wish she would stay!  Karlena - Newport


"Paulette was a complete lifesaver! We were at the end of our rope with twins who were up all night, and Paulette did much more than just let us get a good night's sleep. She was a calming presence who made us feel in control of the situation, she helped us problem-solve with our little ones (always checking in on days she wasn't with us to see how things were going), and she connected us with other people to help with our needs. We are so grateful!" David - Warwick 

"Paulette came to work with us after our twins were born. She was professional ,knowledgeable and caring. Not only did the twins receive excellent overnight care, but my wife and I were able to get the rest we needed to work and care for our other children. I would highly recommend hiring Paulette to help your newborn(s) transition into your family." Brandon - Cumberland  

"My husband and I were extremely happy with all the help and service Paulette provided to our twins. She took the time to help me when I had mastitis, mixing up a special tea to reduce inflammation."  Erin - N. Kingstown 

Breasfeeding support

"Thank you for the encouragement! And thank you so much for giving up so much of your day to answer our questions and share your wisdom!!

 "Thanks for the tips! I was able to pump 2.5 ounces from one breast!" 

"Being able to nurse after exclusive pumping for 3 months is the biggest accomplishment I've ever experienced. Took motherhood to a new level for me." 

"Thank you so much! I'm not giving up. She nursed all day, basically every hour. She's quiet and content! You are so sweet for helping me, heartfelt appreciation for your support!" 

"Thank you so much for coming by and sharing your expertise, it really helps to have someone look at what we're doing and confirm we're on the right track, give tips for improvement, etc. We really appreciate it, and thank you for the resources! I'll be sure to check them out."