Postpartum preparation for you and your growing family.

Here's how I can help you...

Prenatal and postpartum  breastfeeding support.

Home and nursery organization.

Start your parenthood  journey with
"Becoming  Us" workshops.

Why would I need to prepare?

Many new parents aren't familiar with the challenges that come with a new baby.

All the responsibilities combined with lack of sleep can leave you and your partner a bit nervous about your new roles as parents.

I'm available to help you navigate the road ahead!

Tell me more !!

Imagine knowing how your amazing body is able to nourish your baby.

Know what to expect during the first 14 days of breastfeeding.

"Becoming Us" puts you on the path of loving, learning and growing together.

Let's get started on your postpartum plan.

For this important life event, be prepared and be happy!

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