Postpartum services for you and your growing family.

Here's how I can help you...


Overnight newborn care

Prenatal and postpartum  breastfeeding support

Start your parenthood  journey with
"Becoming  Us" workshops.


Overnight newborn care

Allow me to care for your newborn all night long.  You and your partner get much needed sleep, waking refreshed and ready to start the day.


Breastfeeding Preparation

Over 30% of moms that want to breastfeed quit in the first 

14 days due to lack of preparation and not knowing what to expect.

If you're committed to breastfeeding, my 

session will help you prepare. 

 I'll then come to the hospital within hours after birth

to help you and baby form your nursing relationship.

Sometimes lactation support isn't available 

at the hospital,so knowing I'll come and help 

relieves anxiety and improves success rates.

Let's get started on your postpartum plan.

For this important life event, be prepared and be happy!

NightLight Doula

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