Overnight postpartum care for the peace of mind new parents dream of.

Here's how I can help you...

A good night's sleep doesn't have to be a dream!

Overnight doula care is available for families and their newborns in Rhode Island & S.E. Massachusetts.

Benefit from a faster birth recovery, experience less anxiety, prevent postpartum mood disorders and have a higher breastfeeding success rate.
More than a baby nurse, doula care benefits your whole family.

Why would I need an overnight doula?

Lack of sleep can leave you drained, frustrated and prone to illness. You've work hard at your profession, now enjoy your maternity leave! Get a great nights sleep, wake refreshed and ready to spend the day with your new baby.  
The other top reasons to have overnight care are:

  • Absence of local extended family. 
  • Limited newborn experience.
  • Other children to care for.
  • Delivery via c-section.
  • Unforseen medical complications.
  • Returning to work soon after birth.
  • A partner that travels or works many hours.
  • Twins! 

Tell me more !!

I arrive at your home at 10 pm. Baby and I stay in the room together for a nine hour shift.
Prior to bed, we discuss concerns, successes and anything else on your mind.
While you sleep,  I tend to all baby's needs, bringing baby to you for nursing. If bottlefeeding, either formula or pumped breastmilk, I'll lovingly snuggle and feed.

In the morning, you'll recieve a detailed summary of the night's activities.

Let's get started on your postpartum plan.

For this important life event, be prepared and be happy!

NightLight Doula

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